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Perfumed disposable wipes, perfect
for every occasion.

Wet wipes produced with 100% made in Italy materials

Moistening wipes in Spunlace tissue (hydroentangled nonwoven) soft, very resistant.

Choose between our fragrances and customize your envelope with your logo and colors.

3 upholstery for an optimal conservation.

The packaging of all the wet disposable wipes is made up of a comfortable envelope covered by 3 layers that guarantee an optimal conservation of the product.


Come in and try the latest fragrances, to make and discover new sensory daydreams.



Lemon & Cinnamon

Citrus / Woody


Fresh / Fruity

Green tea


Citrus essence: a fresh and light harmony that gives to the scent a touch of vivacity and liveliness.

Woody essence: these marks, known as boisée, are characterized by dry and soft woods, an enchanting, intense and long-lasting essence.

Oriental essence: deep, enchanting, dramatically sweet, lasting and sensual.